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The Oklahoma State Capitol Building was built 1914 - 1917. Budgetary constraints at the time did not allow the building to be completed as designed. Most famous of the cutbacks was the postponement of the Capitol dome. However, other areas of the design were also not completed, including marble trim and wood grain steel doors. For over a decade, Michael McMillan has painted faux marble throughout the Capitol to replicate the four original marbles installed from Vermont, Alabama, Georgia and Henrietta, Oklahoma. He has also painted faux wood grain, as well as a painted bronze finish, on many doors throughout.

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Timetable of the work completed:

1994 Senate Chamber - faux marble handrail in Gallery; faux marble wall panels; faux marble base cap; faux wood grain Gallery doors.
1995 Governors Office - faux marble columns.
Lt. Governors Office - faux marble columns.
Governors Conference Room - faux marble column and block entry; faux bronze steel doors.
1999 House of Representatives - faux marble Gallery handrail and baseboard; faux marble chamber baseboard. Faux wood grain office doors and trim.
2001 State Constitution Display - faux marble baseboard.
2002 Dome - faux marble 32 sixteen foot columns.
2007 House Lounge - faux marble mantle, chair rail, baseboard cap.
1994 to Present - faux marble baseboards, faux wood grain doors and windows, faux bronze doors in various locations on all floors throughout building including South Entry, Hall of Governors, Governors Office, 45th Infantry Memorial and Library.

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